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The Trade Wizard (TTW) provides a stock scanner that detects bullish patterns in the stock market, helping both experienced and novice traders to make informed decisions to achieve their financial goals in Bursa Malaysia.


Data Driven Trading

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The Trade Wizard (TTW) has formed a relationship with market player to collaborate and achieve mutually beneficial goals. We are committed to build strong, long-lasting relationships with our partners, and to delivering the best possible results for our customers.

Scan stocks using powerful pre-set trading strategies and filters with just one click.


"Why Scan?" - With just a single click, allow yourself to discover stocks that match pre-defined strategies. Receive real-time alert notifications to help you keep track of your chosen stocks.'

Scan result at one clickScan result at one click
Real time data on PRO!Real time data on PRO!
Elevate your stock screening to the next level by applying your own strategies and criteria.


The screener filters stocks based on the criterias you provide. We have up to 100+ criterias for you to choose, from technical indicators to fundamentals metrics.

Pro Feature

Our custom back-testing feature allows you to go back in time to screen stocks and prove your strategy!

This feature is recommended for advanced traders
Screen with our strategyScreen with our strategy
Or customize your own with powerful indicators! Or customize your own with powerful indicators!
Start screeningStart screening
Save your strategy for reference!Save your strategy for reference!
Keep track on stocks as they enter or exit the radar.


Pro Feature

"Stocks On Radar" signifies that the system has identified stocks that match your pre-set screening criteria. With "Just In Radar," you can quickly spot stocks based on your strategy as soon as they appear.

Monitor stocks movementMonitor stocks movement
Reuse your strategy easily!Reuse your strategy easily!

Interested to maximize your trading and investment performance?

Sign up for a FREE trial with no obligation to make your investment and trading portfolio more valuable!

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To record actual or simulated transactions.


With Portfolio, you can maintain a portfolio diary, write stock reviews, identify your strengths/ weaknesses, monitor and strengthen your trading performance.

Take note of the monthly stock trading competition
Record and visualize your trading performanceRecord and visualize your trading performance

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Explore the amazing tools developed from a team of FinTech experts with more than 50 years of combined trading and financial experience to boost your investments to the moon!

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See why investors and traders choose us to boost their investments!

"After trying different products, I can say this one is outstanding. It excels in many areas, especially in data visualization. It has completely changed how I make decisions by helping me analyze and understand information better and faster.

The best part is, it's worth every penny. I've gained priceless insights without breaking my budget".


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"This product has made it easier for me to choose successful stocks and make smart investment decisions. It simplifies the process and gives me the information I need. I can also keep an eye on my portfolio's performance and use data to guide my choices.

There's a fun Swing Trading competition where I can test my skills and add some excitement to the mix."


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"The Screener tool is incredibly accurate in filtering stocks based on my criteria, making it easier for me to focus on the ones that match my investment preferences.

The Scanner is also invaluable in identifying stocks with movement and volume at specific times, which helps me find trading opportunities.

I highly recommend these tools to any investor or trader who wants to improve their stock selection process and achieve profitable results."


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